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Updated Employment Application

Hope Community Medicine is now accepting applications

Now hiring an LVN CLINIC FLOAT
Job Duties:
  • Provides clinical services.
  • Maintains clinical expertise and competency (to include age specific competency) as well as demonstrates thorough knowledge of procedures to deliver quality primary health care.
  • Documents delivery of health care and LVN process in accordance with the HOPE’s policies and procedures in a timely, accurate, and consistent manner.
  • Educates the patient and family/significant others about diagnosis and the plan of care. Acts as a resource for facilitating communication when necessary.
  • Coordinates the delivery of patient care provided by the health care team.
  • Interacts with personnel and assists providers to ensure optimal patient care and to obtain optimum patient flow and increased patient satisfaction.
  • Identifies and responds promptly to changes in patient’s condition and/or clinic environment.
  • Coordinates and delegates the timely processing of patient referrals, prescribed medications, diagnostic imaging, laboratory testing, results and other identified needs of the patient.
  • Acts as a resource within the clinic to other staff members in regards to patient care.
  • Participates as a team member and promotes teamwork by assisting others with patient care and department activities.
  • Maintains adequate inventory of medical supplies, in-house medications and immunizations and completes monthly inventory reports as required.
  • Performs maintenance and controls on medical equipment and documents results.
  • Administers all medications accurately using the five (5) rights of medication administration, documenting medications according to policy and procedures.
  • Provides clinical oversight under the supervision of the CMO.
  • Assumes responsibility/accountability for delegating, directing, and supervising patient care activities.
  • Identifies Performance Improvement opportunities.
  • Serves as a resource and positive, proactive leader for the department.
  • Accepts responsibility for remaining current with LVN and health care trends and information that impact LVN practice.
  • Participates in collaboration with the health care team in identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing patient and family needs to develop a plan of care.
  • Participates in the evaluation of products, procedures, and patient care standards.
  • Participates in the evaluation of health care at HOPE and in monitoring health outcomes of patients.
  • Fulfills administrative duties.
  • Assists in maintaining an efficient, safe, secure, orderly, and aseptic environment of care for all patients and employees.
  • Is familiar with and abides by OSHA Standards, Hazardous Materials, Universal Precautions, use of personal protective equipment, Evacuation, Fire, Disaster, and Safety Plans.
  • If bilingual, translates in Spanish between non-Spanish speaking staff and Spanish speaking patients as requested.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned.

Mail resume/application to
Hope Community Medicine, ATTN: Human Resources
PO Box 1584
Center, TX 75935
or email to [email protected]